Lanigan's Lens Photography | Drone / UAS Pricing

Lanigan's Lens Drone / UAV Pricing

UAV (drone) Photography: $125.00 per target, 10 to 15 images provided.


UAV (drone) Videography: $95.00 per target, 5 minutes of footage, unedited.


UAV (drone) Videography: $175.00 per target, 3 minutes of footage, edited.


UAV Twilight Photo Shoot $150, subject to available light.



Travel beyond service area bill at $100.00 per hour in 1/4 hour increments (30 minute radius of downtown Medina using google maps)

Express Photo Processing (same day service) $100.00 (restrictions apply)

**All UAV photoshoot locations are dependent on weather, and airspace restrictions**